Treat yo self — Valentine’s day gift guide

You should be your #1 fan anyway, so why not pamper yourself this Valentine’s. These aren’t groundbreaking new things you’ve never heard of, rather a reminder of awesome things to gift yourself. 5 things I love, in no particular order:



Pour a glass of Rosé and fill the tub with some hot water. Baths are a great way to relax and destress. Pair it with your favorite tunes, books or meditate for a few minutes. I love adding a little something to my baths. This Lush Avobath Bath Bomb is my absolute favorite bath bomb, with lemongrass, olive oil and avocado; leaving you with baby soft skin and smelling fresh all night long.


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I don’t mean traditional sexy lingerie (although you could treat yourself to those too, True & Co makes some amazing sets). Those old stained hiphuggers and torn lace thongs of yours could use an upgrade. Pick out a new comfy set of underwear that helps you feel good, after all it’s what’s closest to your skin and you wear those badboys everyday. My personal favorite, Thinx period-proof underwear. Red days affect the best of us, let this little piece of magical fabric protect you from leaks, keeping you feeling dry while taking on the world.


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Lipstick can act as liquid courage without giving you a hangover. Try a different lip color, something outside of your regular palette. You’ll be amazed how much confidence that little tube of color offers. Shameless plug — I’m obsessed with Lipsense and joined as a distributor. Everyday for the last 3 weeks I’ve rocked this lipstick. It’s smudge-proof, waterproof, vegan and cruelty-free, doesn’t get much better than that. Excuse the 90s looking website, you can snag some here.


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Knowledge is one of the best gifts you can receive. Shut the computer and turn off your phone, allow yourself a few moments to unwind with a book. Whether you’d like to fall into wonderland, learn a second language or simply have some laughs a book can take you there. I’ve been reading Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendricks. Her wit and honest tales about everyday life brighten my day. #Girlboss is another great read, Sophia Amoruso inspires us to follow our passion and gives solid advice on how to do be successful while doing so.


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Treat yo self can’t be complete without treats. Savory, spicy, sweet or sour take your pick! I’m a huge fan of sweets, and indulge more often than I’d like to admit. Cupcakes are a definite weakness of mine, and the gift I’ve given to all of my besties at least once. For a make your own version, my favorite is the Chocolate Mocha Cupcake, most of the ingredients can be found in a bakers pantry. Want a few more flavors in one box? Try ordering it from your local bakery, my recommended app to use for that: Ubereats. You can get $10 off your first order with promo code: eats-beatricel193ue.

Let me know below what you end up getting yourself this Vday. And keep in mind the things aren’t what matter the most. Gift yourself something that will remind you of your strengths, that will help you improve weaknesses, something that makes you smile. Ultimately I hope it may help you feel loved, Happy early Valentine’s Day.

*Affiliated links were used in this blog post, I’m an independent distributor for Lipsense, Thinx has an awesome referral program that will give me some mula to use on their site, Ubereats also has a kickback for referring people to their app. All opinions are my own.

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