3 things I love — from brands you haven’t heard of

When I say brands you probably haven’t heard of, that’s mostly applicable to non-tech, non-startup friends. If you live in San Fransisco, go to CES or follow me on Twitter this is likely old news.


Allbirds are my go-to TSA shoes. Easy to slide on and off through security.


Their wool runners are incredibly comfy, stylish and backed by an amazing customer service team. Made from Merino wool all the way from New Zealand, ZQ-certified with no sheep harmed in the making process (YAY!). I’m a proud owner of three pairs. They can be tossed in the washing machine on delicate, no fade in color and their shape stays intact. With neutral colors that match any of your outfits grey and Kotare Slate are my two favorite. Best part? They’re so soft NO SOCKS are required.


I ordered my Mous limitless case this January on Indiegogo, received it late March and it hasn’t left my phone since. The case itself is embedded with a steel plate that allows for magnetic mounting, eliminating those awkward magnets that take away from fashionable design. I went for the black marble look to go with my jet black phone. It provides maximum protection, while remaining modern, and sleek. Pair it with a magnetic mount for your car, mirror and desk to easily go hands free! It’s been a life-saver especially with wet sinks and dirty kitchen counters.


Watch their Indiegogo video where they drop the phone + case from 45ft of concrete!


Since meeting these guys at CES last year, I’ve been hooked! Have you ever brought your laptop to a coffee shop and see everyone with that same apple icon on their silver machine? Toast can help you stand out from the crowd! Both my Macbook Pro’s have a custom designed wood cover and the compliments are endless. It serves as a protective cover and marketing tool, while providing an upgraded aesthetic to my most frequently used item. They can also give your phone, tablet and even Google Home a real wooden makeover.


My custom polar bar Macbook Pro cover made it on the front of their Home page! #famous

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