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Hey, it's Bea.

This blog is where I document my journey as a millennial navigating through the world of technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship.


I was mute. 

Yup, a mute.

Not by any physical limitations, but rather by lack of confidence that anyone wanted to hear what I had to say. 

If you know me today you'd find this hard to believe (I'll strike a conversation with anyone), but in my early pre-teen years I had little to show for in the confidence department. 

I walked into rooms with my eyes laser focused on the floor, avoiding eye contact at all cost and spent a good chunk of my childhood remaining very very silent. 

Over the years I've grown to become an extroverted social butterfly but don't be fooled, the insecurities have not been left behind.

The late night self doubt still find it's way into my life, and imposter syndrome latches onto me like a mutating virus I'm constantly fighting to find a cure for. 

Despite being a speaker, panelist, and having a successful start to my career in marketing, many days I find myself drowning in worries of what people might think of me. 

So I'm starting this blog to combat these fears. This blog is a safe haven where I can unapologetically be myself, share my struggles and my achievements like I would with a close friend. 

Follow my adventure as I share practical tips you can learn from along with the raw, emotional sh*t that goes down on the inside.